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    1. Equity story

      RTL Group’s Equity Story: Why invest in RTL Group?

      1. Market leading positions
      • RTL Group is a global leader across broadcast, content and digital, with interests in 66 television channels and 30 radio stations, content production throughout the world, and rapidly growing digital video businesses 
      • RTL Group has redefined TV as Total Video and has market-leading positions across the value chain of video production, aggregation, distribution and monetisation. With their families of channels, RTL Group’s broadcasters are either number one or number two in the European markets in which they operate. Fremantle, RTL Group’s production arm, is a global leader in content production. And with its recent digital investments, RTL Group is one of the front runners in the high-growth market of online video
      • RTL Group acts from a position of strength in all strategic areas: broadcast, content and digital
      ?2. Resilient top-line growth
      • RTL Group stands for resilient top-line growth, a well-diversified revenue mix and an excellent earnings profile
      3. Efficient cost structures and strict cost control
      • RTL Group’s revenues are generated on the basis of an efficient cost structure and strict cost control providing financial flexibility to the management
      4. Strong and robust cash flows
      • RTL Group’s business model is based on strong and robust cash flows, enabling attractive shareholder returns
      5. Excellent investment position
      • RTL Group is in an excellent position to invest sustainably in existing businesses and to explore new growth drivers through acquisitions, while simultaneously ensuring attractive shareholder remuneration
      6. Attractive dividend policy
      • RTL Group offers an attractive ordinary dividend policy with a pay-out ratio of at least 80 per cent of the Group’s adjusted net result
      7. Anchor shareholder Bertelsmann
      • RTL Group’s largest shareholder is Bertelsmann, a leading media, services and education company that operates in around 50 countries worldwide
      8. Responsible corporate citizen
      • RTL Group is a responsible corporate citizen, creating value for viewers, listeners and digital users, partners, shareholders, employees and the greater society
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