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    1. General meeting of the shareholders

      Annual General Meeting 2019

      Following the publication of RTL Group's audited full-year results 2018 on 13 March 2019, RTL Group held its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2019 (AGM) on 26 April 2019 at 15:00 at RTL Group's registered office in Luxembourg.

      You can find all relevant documents below.

      General information about our Annual General Meeting

      The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders shall be held within six months following the end of the financial year, at the place and on the day set by the RTL Group Board of Directors.

      Attendance and voting
      Any shareholder may be represented at a General Meeting by a proxyholder who needs not be a shareholder himself.

      The proxies shall be lodged at the place specified in the convening notice at least six clear days before the meeting.

      The holders of bearer shares who wish to attend the General Meeting should deposit their shares at the registered office or at the place(s) referred to for such purposes in the convening notice.

      Said registration shall be made at least six clear days before the meeting.

      The holders of registered shares who wish to participate in the General Meeting shall, at least six clear days before the meeting, inform the Company that they intend to use their shares for the General Meeting. They are admitted to the meeting upon presentation of registration certificates.

      The Annual General Meeting shall examine, in particular, the reports of the Board of Directors and the auditor(s) and, if thought fit, approve the annual accounts.

      It shall determine the allocation of the profit.

      It shall decide by special vote on the discharge of the directors and the auditors from any duties.


      Statutory Annual Accounts

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