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    1. Our teams

      With approximately 160 employees based at the RTL Group Corporate Centre here in Luxembourg, our role is to provide strategic direction and financial controlling and actively manage the portfolio of Group’s companies. We also act as facilitator. We encourage collaboration across the Group and supply HR, finance, legal, communications and sales services to the Group’s companies.

      RTL Group’s management approach ensures that operations can make decisions independently as we believe they are best equipped to act according to the needs of their markets; on the other hand, we believe in global teamwork, fostering creativity, sharing experiences and expertise, cross-polinating ideas and replicating successes. It is our role at the Corporate Centre to strike the right balance.

      If you are looking for an international environment, entrepreneurial challenges, and attractive working conditions, the Corporate Centre offers great opportunities for an exciting and rewarding career. Following are the general functions at the Corporate Centre. We invite you to take a look and see which area matches your interests and skills.



      Consolidation and Accounting
      We ensure the continuous availability of accurate accounting information for the Group and its operations, and define consolidation standards to be used consistently throughout the Group. We are responsible for producing the consolidated Group accounts, under IFRS, on a quarterly basis ensuring the highest quality of reporting. The team works closely with the Finance teams in the Group’s business units and the Group auditors to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the reporting process.

      Depending on the position, responsabilities may include: 

      • The preparation of statutory accounts
      • updates to the Groups internal financial accounting manual
      • participation in closing meetings
      • working alongside and interaction with other Group functions such as Strategy and those involved in the development and implementation of the Groups transaction and reporting systems (primarily SAP).

      Treasury, Corporate Finance & Enterprise Risk Management
      We enhance the Group's long-term value by optimising its financial resources while ensuring the lowest possible cost and risk. We also manage and reduce financial risk by supporting the Group's business operations and advising subsidiaries on financial matters such as borrowing and foreign exchange.

      Furthermore, the treasury department is responsible for the Group’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) activities and reporting. ERM consists of identifying measures to mitigate risks, coordinating the implementation of identified actions under the supervision of the Group Risk Management Committee (RMC).

      Depending on the position, responsibilities may include:

      • coordination and management of all financial treasury flows
      • coordination of group corporate finance activities and funding (including intercompany financing and issuance of guarantees)
      • coordination, implementation and follow-up of financial risk management action plans
      • centralization and management of group financial risks
      • consolidated treasury reporting
      • bank relationship management
      • rating agency relationship management
      • preparation and coordination of Enterprise Risk Management across the group, including group reporting to Audit Committee, Board and to main shareholder and all necessary actions to mitigate risks.

      Controlling & Investments
      Corporate Controlling & Investments monitors the operational and financial performance of RTL Group, projects its financial performance, and supports the RTL Group Executive Committee in its decision-making regarding financial matters, including investment initiatives.

      Key tasks and responsibilities include:

      • serving as the interface between our shareholders, the RTL Group Executive Committee, and our Business Units in all financial matters;
      • ensuring monthly reporting, quarterly forecasting and annual budgeting;
      • critical follow-up on the operational and financial performance of our businesses and helping to identify economic risk;
      • tracking RTL Group’s invested capital and cash flow;
      • reviewing investment proposals of major projects of our Business Units, preparing investment proposals for RTL Group projects, and managing the approval process.

      RTL Group’s Corporate Controlling & Investments works in close cooperation with the financial teams as well as the Strategy and M&A teams of the Business Units. Furthermore, it regularly interacts with RTL Group’s other corporate teams and its senior management.

      Group Tax
      We monitor and manage the Group’s tax structure to ensure compliance and minimize risk exposure.

      We are responsible for tax risk reviews on regular basis and in case of restructuring and other major corporate transactions, we manage relationships with tax authorities and tax advisors and work closely with the finance departments of our Business Units and shareholder.

      Investor Relations
      We manage the relationship and act as a first point of contact for RTL Group’s shareholders. We  ensure  a transparent and compliant communication to the financial community including investment banks, hedge funds and media analysts, on both the buy and sell side. A clear understanding and knowledge of the Group’s businesses and strategic direction are required in order to be able to steer and influence the financial community.

      Our work covers input into the quarterly earnings releases, responsibility for the associated investor presentations and messaging, presentations for roadshows and investor conferences and the review of sell-side analyst models to ensure consenus expectations are in line with the most recent Management view.

      Business Development

      We support the RTL Group Executive Committee in defining the strategic direction and scope of RTL Group’s businesses.

      Our mission is to ensure the company’s profitable development, long-term. We fulfill our role through identifying and executing growth initiatives, both organic and acquisitive, as well as setting and tracking Key Performance Indicators across the Group.

      To that end, we

      • develop and define RTL Group’s strategy for the three pillars ‘broadcast, content and digital’, in close cooperation with our Business Units;
      • manage the strategic dialogue with our Business Units;
      • run operational projects and foster cooperation between Business Units;
      • support our Business Units with business expertise and transfer of know-how;
      • monitor technology developments and assess their impact on our business;
      • identify and implement new digital business models;
      • lead all corporate M&A projects;
      • track the performance of our investments.

      The Business Development department works internationally with each of RTL Group’s Business Units, across multiple markets and different business segments, offering insights into the transforming media landscape as well as working within an experienced team of executives and a global network of industry experts, to ensure the profitable development of RTL Group, long-term.

      Audit & Compliance

      Audit and Compliance are cornerstones of strong corporate governance. Internal audit bridges the gap between management and the Board, assesses the effectiveness and efficiency of internal processes, operations and controls, and checks on the ethical climate of the organisation. It serves as the link to compliance – as the organisation’s safety net for compliance with internal and external rules, regulations, and overall best business practices.

      Our audit team supports our operations by evaluating the process risks that could prevent them from reaching their business objectives. We do so by assessing whether there are adequate, effective and efficient controls in place to mitigate those risks.

      The compliance team monitors our businesses’ adherence to external and internal laws, regulations, policies, guidelines and contractual obligations, provides advice on compliance matters, and is the contact point for concerns pertaining to the Group’s Code of Conduct.

      Working in the Audit & Compliance department means being in constant contact with all of the Group’s local businesses and having close insight into their operations. Audits and compliance assignments require a strong finance or legal background, excellent analytical skills, being at ease in communicating across professional and cultural boundaries – and a mindset driven by integrity and objectivity.

      Human Resources

      We ensure that the Group attracts, develops and retains the best talent in the media business. We develop and implement global incentive programmes in line with strategic priorities, ensure the compensation of the Group’s senior managers, define guidelines and company policies and organise group-wide HR Reporting processes. We also take care of the overall talent management process in close collaboration with our subsidiaries and foster internal mobility as a measure to support our business as well as the career development of our employees, and conduct annual management and performance reviews.

      For the employees of the Corporate Centre, we ensure recruitment activities and deliver appropriate training and development measures. We are responsible for the organisation of various corporate events and health management programmes. Our role also includes promoting the participative culture within our organisation, ie by conducting the coordination of the three-years worldwide Group’s Employee Surveys. Finally, we help to ensure a constructive social dialogue with the European Works Council and the local staff representatives.

      Depending on the position, responsabilities may include:

      • recruitment & selection of senior executives & Corporate Centre profiles
      • training programme: definition & implementation
      • compensation and staffing costing forecasts
      • HR software implementation
      • HR reporting
      • labor contracts management
      • social relation management.


      Our Legal team ensures that RTL Group achieves its strategic objectives with minimum exposure to legal risks.
      We also ensure the proper functioning of RTL Group's corporate governance system and RTL Group’s compliance with the various stock market obligations.
      Our role also includes tracking developments in the European regulatory environment, adequately representing RTL Group's interests in decision-making processes in European institutions Brussels, and supervising antitrust issues at Group level.

      Depending on the position, responsibilities may include:

      • Legal advice in mergers & acquisitions projects
      • commercial contract reviews
      • and advocacy for corporate intellectual property interests.

      Corporate Communications & Marketing

      A good reputation is more valuable than money, as the Ancient Roman saying goes. And that is where we lend a helping hand to RTL Group and its profit centres. The Corporate Communications & Marketing department is responsible for all of RTL Group’s external and internal communications activities, as well as for the Group’s Corporate Responsibility (CR) strategy. The Head of Corporate Communications & Marketing reports directly to the Group’s CEO and is a member of the Group’s Operations Management Committee (OMC). He is also Chairman Corporate Responsibility of RTL Group.

      Our mission is to build and develop RTL Group’s reputation by communicating key messages to a variety of audiences, including employees, the media community, journalists, opinion leaders, stakeholders and business partners.

      Our main responsibilities extend into four key areas: 

      1. Media relations & financial communications

      • We communicate RTL Group’s corporate strategy, financial results and M&A activities to RTL Group’s key stakeholders
      • We handle calls and requests from journalists regarding all RTL Group-related issues
      • We monitor media coverage about RTL Group and its operations, the international media business and media regulation

      2. RTL Group online & internal communications

      • We create, manage and edit RTL Group’s intranet and newsletter Backstage to keep our employees up to date
      • We create and edit RTL Group’s corporate website RTLGroup.com, Annual Report, brochures, films and other corporate media
      • We manage RTL Group's presence on social networks Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin
      • We archive RTL Group’s history, collecting, cataloguing and organising relevant documents, audiovisual and exhibition materials

      3. Events, design services & RTL City communications

      • We organise and manage corporate events, and develop local fitness and well-being initiatives for our employees in Luxembourg          
      • We manage the internal communications activities for the Luxembourg site, RTL City
      • We support RTL Group’s departments and companies with creative design services (internal and external presentations, websites, brochures, marketing tools)

      4. Corporate Responsibility (CR)

      • We develop, manage and implement RTL Group’s CR strategy
      • We produce CR reporting
      • We participate in CR projects in cooperation with Bertelsmann and RTL Group’s relevant stakeholders and foster knowledge exchange between RTL Group's operations

      Specific skills required:

      • Some professional experience in journalistic work and/or Public Relations, ideally in the media industry
      • A university degree
      • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
      • Fluent English and German or French is a must; any additional languages are an advantage
      • A passion for media and news: you love writing and editing, preparing briefing papers, summarising information, drafting talking points
      • You are willing to take on a variety of projects and you are able to prioritise and manage these projects to deadlines. In short, you are stress-resistant and keep a cool head
      • You are a strong team player with healthy ambition: you speak up and express your opinion, you perform well in giving advice and acting as a sparring partner, also to members of the senior management.


      Group IT is the corporate IT department in charge of IT Governance and of managing the relationship with Bertelsmann as it pertains to all IT-related matters, and more specifically with regard to issuing IT and information security policies.
      Group IT is also in charge of organising regular IT risk assessment with the group’s Business Units, managing group-wide IT projects and initiatives, and assuring ongoing support to the Business Units in their IT compliance roadmap.

      Corporate IT includes a dedicated competence center (the ‘GTRS’) whose overriding goal is to enhance the Group’s efficency by driving the convergence of technological platforms and the automation of processes. The GTRS is in charge of developing and delivering a full range of IT services and integrated applications (“Referenced applications”) for business support functions, such as finance, controlling, consolidation, accounting, treasury, banking, and business intelligence.  These centrally managed systems (including SAP, BFC, treasury management systems) are used across the entire RTL Group in more than 22 countries, and are subject to a yearly third-party assurance report certification (SOC1 ISAE 3402). The GTRS works as a ‘managed cost center’, and has in-house expertise to offer consultancy services and manage a wide range of roll-out and improvement projects.

      Depending on the position, responsibilities may include:

      • IT security
      • technical design and implementation of finance-related applications
      • project management
      • SLA support
      • worldwide client management.

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