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    1. Our offer

      Our people are our most valuable asset and the key to our success

      By joining RTL Group’s Corporate Centre you not only join the head office of one of Europe’s biggest media companies - you also embark on a career in a passionate working environment where your talent will be recognised, your performance rewarded and your individuality respected.

      We believe that the combined benefits offered to our employees are very important and should not be limited to attractive salaries and other financial incentives. Our Global Reward scheme covers domains like the quality of the work environment, opportunities for career advancement, training and general wellbeing.


      We are committed to the professional development of our employees and aim to provide long-term employment. Therefore we offer and support ongoing learning opportunities at the Corporate Centre. Our in-house training programme includes tailor-made courses that fit perfectly with the day-to-day business requirements.

      Our flat management structures as well as dedicated learning and development professionals allow for rapidly identifying talented, entrepreneurial individuals and giving them responsibility early in their careers. We have established a system to track high-potential employees, key position holders and most senior-level executives.

      As you advance to higher professional and executive positions within RTL Group, you may have the opportunity to access advanced, world-class development programmes that support and challenge you.

      In cooperation with the Harvard University Business School, INSEAD, HEC and HHL, to name just a few, we offer specific in-house programmes for our executives, to spur strategic dialogue among top management and to foster cross-divisional cooperation inside our Group.

      Participative culture

      We provide our employees with a fair and motivating work environment where creativity and entrepreneurship can flourish.

      To facilitate such an environment, several initiatives have been implemented, such as the Group’s employee survey. By completing the survey, our employees regularly state their opinion on important aspects of their working life and environment and are invited to indicate where they see opportunities for improvement (working conditions, cooperation with supervisors and colleagues, communication, training, etc.) and development. After the employees have been informed about the team and company results, they are asked to be involved. Based on this feedback, discussions between managers and their teams and task forces take place at all levels of the company to define, together, areas of improvement and the most effective measures.


      By working at the Corporate Centre, you can benefit from numerous health and wellbeing initiatives which contribute to making our company an attractive place to work.

      We offer free access to our fitness centre and sport courses and regularly organise various health care campaigns in close collaboration with the company doctor in order to identify, prevent and reduce health risks related to our work environment. Employees enjoy free fruits every morning, as well as largely subsidised restaurant meals – including health dishes.

      Over the last ten years, RTL Group was awarded twice for its health and well-being programme:  a “Healthy Workplace Award” from the Luxembourgish Health Ministry and a “Model of Excellence” by the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion.

      We also offer other social benefits* including:

      • healthcare insurance
      • employee discounts in numerous shops and suppliers
      • employee discounts at some mobile operators
      • preferential rates and services at several Luxembourg-based banks
      • on-site laundry service.

      *subject to change at any time

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