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    1. Your reward

      At RTL Group, we believe that our people are our most valuable asset and key to our success. By joining RTL Group you not only join a dynamic and transforming sector – you are also embarking on a career in a passionate environment where your talents will be recognised, your performance rewarded, and your individuality respected.

      Your development, our ambition

      RTL Group is committed to the professional development of its employees and aims to provide long-term employment.

      A wide range of training and development opportunities are available across the Group, to help you grow both personally and professionally.

      Your annual personal appraisal and/or target-setting sessions, along with regular follow-up meetings with your supervisor and the Human Resources team, give you plenty of occasions to identify and discuss your strengths and areas for development. Together with your manager and with the support of the HR teams, you can identify the qualifications needed to advance your career.

      Moving from one subsidiary to another also broadens everyone's experience and can be a great vehicle for individual development without RTL Group losing valuable talent. Local HR teams cooperate very closely to smooth the way for mobility within our Group and our ‘job search’ promotes transparent hiring processes and facilitates internal moves throughout RTL Group.

      Each employee is given the chance to build a truly individual career. But we also expect you to take charge of your career in an “entrepreneurial” way. You hold the keys… it is up to you to make the most of what we offer! Be ambitious! Take the initiative!

      Attractive & performance-based rewards

      Your personal performance and contribution to the success of our Group play a central role in our compensation scheme. The performance appraisal tools and procedures facilitate a constructive dialogue with your supervisor – which in turn allows you to set targets, review your performance and development needs, and get fair compensation for your efforts.

      Regular analyses ensure that our salaries are competitive. The social benefits programmes (including fitness centres, employee discounts, and healthcare insurance) at various business units are among the best in their respective markets.

      Of course, benefits and other rewards elements vary widely from location to location, in line with local market practice. Please have a look at the career sites of RTL Group’s various companies to find out more.

      Best working environment

      Our employees want a positive working environment that makes them feel at ease and confident, and provides them with ongoing opportunities for learning and development. As a result, factors such as the quality of RTL Group’s working environment, training, flexible working hours and ‘general wellbeing’ also play a significant role in our global reward scheme, and we therefore give the same consideration to them as to financial aspects. Every three years, a worldwide employee survey is carried out to find out if we are on the right path and ‘on the same page’ with our employees.

      Latest Job Opportunities

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