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    1. Our spirit

      RTL Group believes in mutual trust and respect as well as in delegating responsibility. If you join RTL Group, you should be prepared to enter into cooperation, risk taking and frank and open discussions.

      Entrepreneurial spirit

      You are entrepreneurial, passionate and dynamic, you know how to get things done, deliver results and you are eager to be challenged and to shoulder responsibility. You act not only in the best interests of your individual missions but understand the global picture and act in the interests of the Group as a whole.

      Of course we won’t leave you to go it alone: training and development programmes, mentoring and many exchange platforms are in place throughout the Group to build your confidence and develop your creative potential – whatever stage you are at in your career.

      Open-minded and creative team players

      Our business is about creativity, story-telling and being close to the audience. Continuous innovation and improvement, guided by customer needs and interests, are the cornerstones of our success. So to work with RTL Group, you should have the ability and courage to make original suggestions, be a “rebel”. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, but be able to learn from them.

      But creativity is often the result of fruitful dialogs. To work with RTL Group, you should be  curious, have the ability to listen and can understand different points of view; you are keen to make the most of your knowledge and ideas, inspiring and motivating your colleagues; you are always ready to tackle new challenges.

      You will have to work well with a participatory leadership approach based on mutual trust and respect, and appreciate our principle of delegating responsibility.

      Sense of responsibility, respect of diversity

      Ethical behaviour towards the society and the environment is an integral part of RTL Group’s value system and this is why we expect you – no matter what level you work at – to act as a responsible citizen.

      Economic success and good corporate citizenship are inseparable for RTL Group. All employees of RTL Group agree upon a Code of Conduct which serves as common guideline for our decisions and our actions. It outlines binding minimum standards for responsible behaviour toward business partners and the public, as well as within the company.

      Diversity is also the heartbeat of RTL Group. We offer our audiences the broadest possible spectrum of entertainment and information – programmes for the whole family, for young and old, for female and male target groups. Wherever, whenever.

      RTL Group companies acknowledge and reflect the diversity of the cultures they serve – not only in the programmes they broadcast, but also in the composition of their workforces.
      We need diversity to succeed.

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